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Condolences to the Family of Jacalyn E. "Jackie" Lafler

Jim and Darlene Sauve Valders Wi 54245 – Posted On: January 4, 2019

Our memories from over the past 60 years with Jackie will always be in my heart, along with the memories of the other friends we grew up with on Cherry St in Milwaukee Wi. Lost contact for some years after I got married and here to find out she was in Burlington all those years , WELL let me tell you we had no problem catching up on our live, the men and the kids, always said once she started talking you didn't get a word in, and OH LORD how I am going to MISS HER. Spending days at the house in Willard canning our tomatoes was a blast, always said Lance didn't have a chance once we got started . He would show up in the kitchen shake his head and run for cover. Always loved that guy, Lance truly was and had always been Jackies ROCK, like she would say many times, she loved him more then life. She was a gorgeous bride, think Lance was speechless when she walked down the aisle that October day. I have a million and one memories of my Dearest friend Jackie, I will miss your silly craziness,words of wisdom, and that shoulder to lean on God has you wrapped in his arms and you are safe.
Untill we meet again
Jim and Dar

Jay 666 Posted On: January 4, 2019