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Condolences to the Family of Joyce E. Bombach

Janis Abel Priewe De Pere, Wisconsin – Posted On: December 23, 2017

Dear Family, my sincere sympathy on the death of Joyce. Although it has been many, many years since I visited with Joyce, I do have some memories of Joyce, Elmer, and Dorothy. Joyce and Elmer bought my grandparent's farm at Willard (Bill and Meta Abel). My father, Ted Abel, grew up across the road from the Bombach family and he thought of them as life-long friends. As a young girl I remember going to visit them on the farm and playing with Dorothy. I remember feeling sad when Dorothy died. I remember Elmer being so tall and Joyce so much shorter than he. I remember them as being kind and loving people. Joyce sent caring notes when my parents died. As I said, the families were life-long friends. I am so sorry for your loss. Joyce is certainly in heaven with her beloved daughter and husband.